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SEO, Promotion and Submittion Services

SEO, Promotion and Submittion Services

GIRDMAN Design Studio is search engine optimization, marketing, search engine promotion and search engine submission specialist. We provide only quality services and can guaranty long term benefits for Your company.

You can design and promote Your website Yourself to save money, but You need to know what You're doing. One wrong step and Your site is banned from a search engines for a long time. If someone is not an expert in SEO and using illegal methods (hidden text, spamming with keywords, doorway pages and etc.) Your website can be harmed and even removed from search engines for half a year or more.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO)? Search Engine Optimization is the basic part of the success of Your website. It ensures that Your website is found. If visitors can't find You, they will find Your competition. No matter how good Your website may be, if Your customers can't find information You have or services You can offer, they can't buy from You. The optimization is a process when the actual website rebuilt in a way when search motors are able to find it and place it on the best position which is possible.
The optimization is consists of changing the programming and coding of the actual website but sometimes changes in content or structure.

Website promotion

Website promotion is the continuing process used by webmasters to promote and bring more visitors to a website. Many techniques such as web content development, search engine optimization, and search engine submission, are used to increase a site's traffic.
Social media isn't just a great place to connect with friends and family; it's also a great place to promote Your website and/or business as so many people are using it.

Submission Services

The submission is the next step of SEO. When the website already prepared and the robots can see it and measure it relevancy of the keywords than registration and submission to search engines and link centers is the next step. Most of the time paid submissions are necessary but sometimes there are options for free submissions as well. When everything done than from 3 to 5 weeks later search engine bots are coming and indexing the page, after this results become visible.
Having other people put a link to Your site on their site is a great way to get free website promotion. Besides the obvious advantage of whoever visits that website seeing a mention to Your site, You also get a shot at a better search engine ranking for Your page as search engines such as Google use inbound links as an important part of the formula that determines a page's rank.